If you’ve asked yourself what gives life to the Raspberry Pi computer board then the answer is Raspbian. Raspbian is a Debian derived Linux distribution. It is the primary operating system for the board and is under active development. The operating system is optimized to work with the ARM low-performance processors powering the board.

If you are new to the Linux environment but still want to play with a Raspberry Pi then have no fear, Raspbian also provides a Desktop Environment, a modified X-Windows.

The Raspbian does not posses a striking visual Desktop Environment, but if you fancy a retro look and posses a Raspberry Pi 4, then you should know that you can relive the Windows XP graphics!

Have a look at the Linux Raspbian XP Professional from PI Labs on their YouTube channel. In the description of the video you can find the links for downloading the OS from Google Drive.

Linux Raspbian XP Professional comes with a few features remembering the old Windows XP, such as the Start Menu with a Search bar. Moreover, the equivalent of Office package, LibreOffice is included in the distribution. LibreOffice is not even a feature of other Raspbian distros.

For running Windows application, from XP era, you can use the Windows-98 built-in virtual machine.  There are also available other emulation platforms such as BOX86, DOSBox, Mupen64 and MAME.

Hint: using Linux Raspbian XP Professional, try converting your Raspberry Pi 4 into a retro gaming console.

Content inspiration: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-raspberry-pi-xp-linux-raspbian-professional